Halloween 2023

NEW GAME is in your Library: 2 Steps for a smooth launch

Behold! The third opus of our 🎃 Halloween series is out today! This new game is already waiting for you in your game Library, go check it out right now!

Let`s unravel together the steps for a smooth launch of 🩸 House of Fear: Call of Blood.

1. Get to testing!

First step is to make sure that the game is up and running and that your employees are familiar with the storyline.

Testing is the best way to advise your customers and understand what they are going through during the game.

Don’t forget to check out our 📚 walkthrough to gain a better understanding of this game’s challenges.

To achieve this, we are giving all of you 🤘 1 week free-of-charge for training purposes (from 02.10 to 08.10). Don’t skip this step, we promise that knowing the game from A to Z is the best way to sell it!

☝️ Additionally, we want to inform you that during the first week, which is free of charge, we will be automatically recording all sessions. This is to analyze player experiences for future game enhancements. No additional action is required from your side. Please be assured, these recordings will be strictly used for internal purposes only.

2. How to promote our game?

Once you are familiar with this game, start working on how to deliver the news to your customers. Make your social media posts as enticing as possible with our few tips and tricks. 

👇 Make the most out of marketing assets we prepared for you:

  • freshly made banners for social media
  • brand new video trailers, there are 2 formats available: 😎 vertical trailer and horizontal trailer - make sure to use the vertical trailer format when posting on your social media pages 
  • screenshots

Get all of our visuals here.

🎥 Our trailer is the best way to convey the eerie and nightmarish atmosphere of our game. This is the closest the customers can get to understand the vivid emotions they will experience before playing House of Fear: Call of Blood.

Upload it to your website and share it through your socials for a frightening sneak peek!

Use some 👀✨ eye-catching Сall to action phrases in addition to your compelling visuals to get the hype up:

  • How scary is this new escape room? 🤯 Don’t wait to find out and book your session here!
  • Get in the mood for some horror-themed escape room and book our new scenario today!
  • Get scared 😱 like you’ve never been before with House of Fear: Call of Blood!  
  • Get your Halloween squad ready for this new spooky escape room! 
  • Scary doesn’t even begin to describe this new Escape Room! Book the perfect Halloween experience now!
  • Reach a new level of horror with this 🥶 chilling escape room scenario!
  • Grab your 👫 bestie and be ready to be scared to death with our latest Halloween Escape Room!

Enjoy the discovery of House of Fear: Call of Blood and stay tuned for more Halloween marketing advice!

👻 We wish you all a very scary Halloween season!

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