How to Market Dream Hackers to Make the Most Out of It!

🔍 At the core of Dream Hackers lies a simple idea: the creation of a series of games that fit as many audience segments as possible while embracing their diverse interests. Whether it's the thrill of overcoming challenges, the joy of 🤝 teamwork, or the excitement of 🧩 solving mysteries, Dream Hackers is designed to deliver a wide 🌈 spectrum of emotions suitable for everyone!

💡 Yes, you've read it right - Dream Hackers: Book of Memories serves as the first part of the Dream Hackers series, thus we opted for 😌 less complicated puzzles to ease players into the 🧠 experience. The future parts of the series will feature more complex gameplay and puzzle challenges.

Before we dive into Dream Hackers marketing promotion suggestions, we want to emphasize the importance of understanding that you're not just selling a game, but an overall experience that evokes 🤩 emotions and meets 👪 people's needs.

You'll never have a problem or question on how to promote a new game if you understand one thing: people don't play games just for the sake of playing. They play because it offers 👀 solutions to their problems or fulfill their needs.

🤔 What problems or needs are we addressing by offering VR content?  

Those are socializing, new emotions, a sense of adventure, exploring new experiences, bonding with family members, or creating fun lasting memories with friends and spending quality time with loved ones.

We also want to emphasize that the VR content itself is as important as the level of your customer service for an overall pleasant experience of customers. If customers receive poor service, they easily forget the game they played, but they'll certainly remember the name of the game master who provided 🤯 awful service.

📢 How you serve your customers, the way you speak to them, how you introduce them to the VR experience, and what you offer them before and after the game - all of this plays a significant role in whether a client leaves your venue feeling satisfied or not.

That's why we recommend 🔑 a complex approach - crafting marketing strategy for Dream Hackers through the lens of solving someone's problem or fulfilling their needs, while making sure to deliver high-quality service.

💬 Now let's explore the hooks you can use to attract specific target audiences in promoting Dream Hackers: Book of Memories.

🔍 Riddles for Quest Fans: Intricate puzzles and mysteries of the Dream Hackers will definitely resonate with those who love a challenge and quests. Share description of the game on your social media and on your website to entice potential players with a taste of the quest that awaits them.

🎯 Dynamic Shooter Elements for Arcade Fans: Experience the adrenaline rush of intense shootouts and fast-paced action, demanding quick reflexes and strategic thinking with Dream Hackers. Share a short trailer of action-packed gameplay on social media, accompanied by B2C phrases. Consider using the vertical version for Instagram Stories and the horizontal version for YouTube and Facebook.

📖🌍 Storyline for Adventure Lovers: By having a captivating narrative that unfolds with every twist and turn, you are able to draw the attention of the adventure seekers. Use the long trailer with a storyline to share the spirit of adventure. Share the trailer across all your digital platforms, including YouTube, social media, and your website. Consider using the vertical version for Instagram Stories and the horizontal version for YouTube and Facebook.

😱 Chilling Elements for Thrill-Seekers: Spine-chilling encounters with the nightmares will keep players on the edge of their seat. Showcase spine-chilling moments with a short trailer showcasing the game's spooky elements along with descriptions of the Dream Hackers.

🤝 Teamwork for Collaborative Play: Collaborative and dynamic nature of the Dream Hackers open opportunities for the leisure time for friends, colleagues, families. Highlight the importance of teamwork to success in the game. Emphasize the shared thrill of overcoming challenges together by using captions alongside main art or promotional arts when posting on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

🔮 Mystical Touch for Detective Enthusiasts: The main goal for players is to uncover the ancient Citadel and gain a powerful artifact - the Book of Memories. Chanel the inner detective with screenshots along prominent B2C phrases, enticing them to delve deeper into the mystical world of Dream Hackers.

🎭 Diversity of Interests for Couples: The combination of two of the most popular genres - escape room and arcade shooter - provides an opportunity for couples with differing interests to still enjoy playing together. While one prefers defending their loved one in the shootout with nightmares, the other can delve into the storyline and pay more attention to the atmosphere and narrative details. Share audience-oriented captions along with promotional artwork to invite couples to an exceptional date!

🕹️ Various Modes for All Skill Levels: With a variety of modes, Dream Hackers caters to seasoned players as well as first-time users. In the easy mode, players have more time to immerse themselves in puzzles and explore the game's storyline. Conversely, harder modes introduce more dynamic gameplay with increased enemy encounters while maintaining consistent puzzle complexity. Make sure to highlight this feature to your potential customers along with promotional materials of your choice.

By using all promotional marketing assets and tailoring your messaging to resonate with diverse audiences while thinking about their needs, you can effectively promote Dream Hackers as 💫 the ultimate action-adventure experience for everyone!

✍️ Authored by Bohdana Savchuk