ARVI VR Newsletter 4

Squeeze the profit from each sq. ft you rented

🤓Crucial aspect related to the entertainment business

Let's start with identifying that part of the business, that we are going to talk bout in this newsletter - it doesn't matter what exactly you are offering to your visitors: bowling, old school arcades, VR Escape Games, Simulators, and so on, the idea is that you are paying money 💰 for rented physical place and each square feet should make enough profit, to keep business running, growing and satisfying his owner. 

👀Reason to start a business - cases among our partners

Among hundreds of our partners, we have a lot of different stories, every business has its different origin, someone started as a Real Escape Games location, someone running a hotel, night club, restaurant, or ski resort, and someone is running a free roam or stand-alone VR place for many years, jump parks, big and small entertainment centers. In 90% of that stories, the main reason why someone decided to start the business - is to make a profit. Let's be honest, it's a pretty rare situation when one person or group of people invest their money in something with purely enthusiastic ideas, even if yes - anyway, they are expecting for positive dynamic, sustainable income, and growth. 📈

Math before decision making

To know if you are doing the right things with your money before investing, or if you already invested but looking for development - you should know the math, check the calculation, and realize if each square feet of the place you rented, each penny spent on marketing, promotion, and fees paid to providers are worth it. 

But sometimes it could happen, that in theory, everything was looking cool and fascinating, but in fact, after you started the business, or over time, you notice that everything is not going as well as you would like and that the ratio between your monthly expenses and profits is not at the level that you would like to have. 

👌Looking for the right solution

If you are looking for an answer or solution to such a situation, you are welcome to be our guest and we are happy to be your full-time business assistant. The main reason why, that the concept that we are providing to our partners, it's not only about games development, it's about a full business model, marketing, pricing, targeting, and many other things, which we took care of from the very beginning, and which we will be happy to broadcast to our partners, supporting their existing business, giving them the opportunity to get high performance not only during the most popular holidays but all year round.

In order to use the VR games 🕹️ from our company at your location, whatever this business was originally, you just need to allocate an area of 49 square feet for one player, or 98 square feet for two, 196 square feet for four, or 440 feet for 6 players. Every square foot of your rented space dedicated to our solution will be profitable and complementary to your existing business.

We know that no one likes theory, which can often differ from practice, so we are happy to provide an opportunity for interested potential partners to get the opportunity to test our product, study it, find out its value, and only then decide on a possible partnership. Take advantage of the free trial option and discover new opportunities to make money from every square foot you pay for.

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Authored by Michael Khimionov