How to start playing ARVI Arena

ARVI VR specializes in developing VR Escape Rooms, but we decided to broaden the library with a new genre - VR Arcade Shooter. 

Arena is a dynamic, multiplayer shooter with a rich variety of maps and weapons that will excite every fan of action games and bring out the competitive spirit. To win the game, players need to be in good physical health, and be extremely strategic. 

  • Standard duration - 30 minutes 

    If the game is launched with the Tutorial, this won't affect the duration of the game itself;

    If the game master selects 1/3/5/10min for players to wait for others to arrive in the Lobby when launching the game, this will also not affect the duration of the game itself.

  • 8 Players (max)
  • outstanding weapons
  • 16 breathtaking maps
  • 12+ Age restriction


Arena has a special unique feature that makes it stand out from other arcade titles. A unique way of teleporting, by squares (2x2 meters). Within each 2m x 2m area, players move freely, which makes the game so much more dynamic.

If only 2 people play Arena, bots will be available to provide a challenge. These bots have the ability to adjust to the skill level of players, to provide the best experience possible. 

The lower age limit is 12 years old. Even though this is a shooter, we have thought about teens, taking their psychological profiles into account, which is why there is no blood or gruesome imagery. When players are out of the game, they can watch other players in Spectator mode:

  • without the ability to move on the old maps. 
  • with the ability to move, but without interaction, on new maps.

There are 16 picturesque maps:

5 weapons:

Main Gun - primary weapon has 10 shots. Always available. Ability to reload at any moment. Endless ammo. Small "recoil" from the shot.

SMG - Speed Stalk has 25 shots. This weapon allows you to shoot in bursts (hold the firing button), but with a huge "recoil" from each shot.

Rocket Launcher - has 3 shots. Fires a projectile which explodes, damaging everyone within a specific range. Players can reduce their damage by hiding behind a shield or anything on the map.

Precision gun - Sniper rifle has 5 shots. This is a perfect weapon to shoot opponents long distance.

Shotgun - Shotgun has 5 shots. Shoots small pellets. Will be useful in close proximity to opponents, and is capable of breaking the shield.

Arena is awesome for big groups of people: families can spend some quality time together, groups of friends have fun with a little competition, coworkers can play together in team building activities.

Useful information for Game master

To ensure the best experience for customers when starting in Arena:

There are two modes: 

Arcade mode:

  • We recommend this mode for newcomers as everything works automatically.
  • After each round, players return back to the lobby with no option to select maps.
  • Bots are added to ensure an even number of players on teams. 

Full lobby mode:

  • We recommend this mode for experienced players.
  • Normal mode. Everything can be set up manually.
  • After each round, players return back to the lobby to select a new map or switch teams.

You can start with, or without the Tutorial based on the type of customer.

In the Tutorial:

  1. Players enter a special environment where they are taught how to shoot and teleport.
  2. Enter their names.
  3. Choose dominant hands.

After Tutorial:

Full lobby mode

  1. Players enter the lobby
  2. Choose teams
  3. Select the map
  4. Add bots (customer preferences)

Arcade mode

  1. Players enter the lobby
  2. The map is selected automatically (6 maps during the game, each map is more difficult)
  3. Players choose a team. Bots are added automatically to ensure even number of players per team

There is an option when launching a game to select how long (1/3/5/10 minutes) players wait for others to arrive and carry out the required steps to start the game. 

The duration of a match is fixed at 30 minutes. There is no requirement to ask players to end a game as it will be stopped automatically, but a verbal announcement is suggested to announce the game is over and the final score will be shown.