Escape Room Houston

Looking for the best escape room in Houston, TX?

We’ve got several absolutely different variants of mind-bending & problem-solving fun for any taste. Welcome to the number 1 escape room experience in Texas:


In Mission SIGMA you’ve got a very important responsibility: to get past multiple traps and preempt a nuclear warhead before the time expires…
But what’s happened?A dangerous terrorist hiding out in a deprived area of the city for the last ten years has been located and neutralized by secret services recently. But it turned out that this maniac has installed a nuclear warhead with a timer on the roof of an abandoned high-rise. This skyscraper was turned into a tower full of intricate traps and obstacles – so that it’s not so easy to reach the top of it and defuse the bomb. Only a professionally trained specialist can handle this challenging task – and YOU are chosen to complete the mission. The secret service has helped you to infiltrate the courtyard – all the rest is up to you.
Will you let a nuclear attack happen? Or will you prevent the disaster?
Lots of people are in danger, the time on the timer expires, and you first have to cope with multiple traps and obstacles on your way to the nuclear bomb.
Use your time wisely. Find and decode all possible clues, solve puzzles to investigate the building, survive, and eventually save the whole city.

Cool Features:

  • High-quality graphics and sound effects make the experience maximally realistic.
  • VR-specified: Mission SIGMA escape room is exclusively built for virtual reality.
  • Player-friendly interface: all the instructions and hints are clear, as well as the mechanics in general.

Our escape room Houston brings fantastic stories to life and CHRISTMAS is the most magic one.

Wanna become a Santa’s helper, explore his house, help him find the way home, and eventually save Christmas? With this escape game, you can do everything listed above.

People all over the world need your help – Christmas is under threat! Santa’s got caught in a blizzard, lost all the present’s, and can’t find the way home… What can you do to help Santa? – To light the lights on the biggest Christmas tree in the forest. But before you have to get to the North Pole and get everything in Santa’s house back in order: find out why the magic elves don’t do their work and the presents aren’t getting to the children. Santa’s best reindeers are ready to take you wherever you need, but first solve all the riddles.

Cool Features:

  • Freedom of exploration: you can walk around Santa’s house; interact with all objects you can see without any restrains
  • Fantastic graphics and immersive atmosphere.
    Clear instructions.
  • Unlike most escape games, Christmas from ARVI isn’t a scary & gloomy game, so even kids can enjoy this maze room.


Imagine that you’ve been thrown to prison for nothing and nobody except yourself can help you. You have only one hour to use your brain and survival skills to find out how to escape.

You can experience this scenario together with your team in the most challenging escape game from ARVI – The Prison.

Here is where the story begins:

Your police force team has been cracking down on criminal gangs for years and taking no prisoners. The last major operation left several corrupt police heads rolling. But glory is just one step from oblivion. You’ve been framed and put in jail on trumped-up charges. Your friends still have their freedom though. The escape plan is all set, and now you’ll need all the courage, all the cunning, and all the luck you have to get to freedom and clear up your name. And to carry on your fight for justice too.

Try your hand at being a jail escapee: investigate a dozen locations in search of clues and hints, break the walls, destroy the electricity supply, and come up with creative ways to escape.

Your team will have one hour to complete the mission and break out of prison. Have fun!

Cool Features:

  • This escape room is the best option for team play.
  • Made specifically for virtual reality, The Prison is very realistic and immersive.
  • Quality music and sound effects.
  • Clear instructions.

Location 1:
11755 W. Little York, ste. 202 House, ste 202 Houston TX 77041
Location 2:
5426 Southwest Freeway Houston TX 77085 USA

Hey, great news for escape games lovers in Houston, TX!
Our company ARVI created a line of VR puzzle rooms specifically for your region – and each of them is unlike any you’ve ever seen before! The most immersive and accessible escape games now available in your city! Hurray!
Now, your next fantastic adventure is much closer than you think. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE?

Why are VR escape rooms BETTER than traditional ones?

  • Virtual reality makes your escape game adventure more exciting.
  • The developers can add the elements and effects that would be just impossible in real life.
  • The atmosphere of the escape room is more immersive.
  • The sense of anxiety and urgency, essential in such locked-in-a-room games, is on top.
  • The players have much more possibilities and options while solving the riddles than in traditional escape rooms.

So, no doubt that this year the best escape room in Houston, Texas, is gonna be a VR maze room from ARVI.
Still have some doubts? Check out these extra benefits you get from joining to our best escape room in Houston:

Why choose ARVI escape room in Houston over others?

Why our escape games are perfect for everyone looking for something really new & different in puzzle rooms world?

What makes ARVI escape rooms in Houston unique?

  • Our team includes the best creators, innovators, and collectors that regularly come up with new different solutions and keep up with the current players’ requests.
  • Everyone can play our escape games: the only skills you need is creativity and the sense of adventure.
  • The mechanics of our games are very simple and user-friendly.
  • Each escape room has a custom design our team is building from scratch. We do that to impress our players with fantastic surreal worlds they can really explore.
  • Surprise factor is the key for our team: we always invest lots of time and effort to fill each VR puzzle room with unexpected twists, new revelations, and make the players keep guessing until the very last moment.
  • Our games are really challenging, but there are always some LOL moments – so that nobody’s gonna get bored.
  • Cool action gameplay in every escape game is also completely safe.
  • You can play both alone and with your team.
  • Our escape games are the highest rated according to multiple players’ reviews – and deservedly so.

All our professional team works really hard, using the most sophisticated equipment to make your escape room experience maximally realistic, challenging, impressive, immersive… just out of this world!

How Does Escape Room in Houston Work?

Since ARVI is a client-oriented company, we’ve done our best to make all the pre procedures easy and understandable:

  • Step 1: Pick the adventure you’re interested in out of the list below.
  • Step 2: We show you a short video explaining how to play and operate the VR equipment.
  • Step 3: Immerse into the virtual world for 60 minutes and have fun finding the clues, overcoming the challenges, solving the riddles in order to finally escape with your team.

Who Can Play Our Escape Games?

Our escape rooms in Houston are epic for everyone:

  • Families: working together in order to escape is a great bonding experience for a family.
  • Friends: share a time of your life with your friends, have fun, and make lifelong memories – escape room in Houston is a cool choice.
  • Colleagues: one of our escape room games can become a nice team-building activity that your employees will definitely enjoy.
  • Tourists: the ones visiting Houston have this great chance to spice up their trip with a little bit scary but fun team-oriented adventure.
  • Gamers: why not diversify your couch potato lifestyle with a solid brainstorm and use all your gamer skills in a VR escape game?

Bottom Line

So, can you solve our escape rooms in 60 minutes? Or maybe you’ll cope in less than an hour? We’ll see!

No doubt, the products of ARVI are examples of the best escape room in Houston, TX. Each of them offers a one-of-a-kind tactile experience that no video escape game can give. Our escape rooms are real, existing, challenging, social, and fun. They require your mind, body, and all five senses.

Try out our escape rooms and join all the positive reviews we already have.