escape room franchise

Opening an Escape Room

Escape rooms have gone viral during the past few years. This trend keeps growing all over the world and if you are eager to become a part of it, you can do this right now. Escape rooms are a great chance to start your own business and it doesn't matter whether you want to do this for a living or as a side job.

Do you want to provide the players with the most unforgettable experience they can get? We would be happy to help you create something truly exciting and exclusive. And the happier the players are, the richer you become, Oh, we mean, the happier you get, too.


VR Escape Room is an experience based on the traditional Escape Room layout enhanced by the latest developments of the virtual reality technology.

The game allows several players to join forces to break free. A set of VR-equipped small premises with no major facility investment.


  • Content themes expansion
  • Wide range of team sizes: 2\4, 4\4, 6\2, 2\2\4, 3\3\2
  • Constantly updated content increases customer loyalty
  • Engageable gameplay and interactive cost-efficient help system
  • Technological flexibility creates broad-ranging experiences
  • Inexpensive technical equipment
  • ARVI provides marketing materials
  • Comprehensive and comprehensible tutorials for players and personnel
  • VR location setup takes no more than 2 days
  • Convenient technical support


Friends & Families
People enjoy spending time with their friends and family and creating bright memories. Who doesn’t want to chill out from the routine a bit? Who doesn’t want to have some fun with a dash of exciting adventure? And you know what? Escape rooms are the best choice for people to meet everything that has been said above. By providing your customers with exciting and unusual escape room games, you give them not only a new interesting pastime, but also an amazing bonding experience which they will be thankful for.
These days almost any tourist is looking for a way to make their trip more interesting. Visiting museums, art galleries and restaurants is great, but it gets boring a bit. Escape rooms are a great way to take a trip to the whole new level! If to believe the recent data given by numerous travel agencies, over the past couple of years VR escape room games have become the top attraction and the best way to explore the new cities for tourists from all over the globe. Tourism is another segment you can be a part of and make money from.
No true gamer will be able to pass by a great opportunity to put all their skills as a gamer to the test in VR. Try picturing this: instead of just staring at your computer screen, your customers have a chance to get involved in an exciting story and become a part of an intriguing adventure. You’ll need advanced equipment and well-thought gameplay elements to provide your visitors with the best escape room experience. But such costs pay off for you real soon.
Team Building
What can be a cooler and funnier bonding activity for a team than spending time together in VR escape rooms? The question was rhetorical, of course. It’s not a secret that employers always look for a way to socially interact with their employees and coworkers more and want to build up team chemistry which is so needed for a good working environment. Your escape rooms are an ideal variant for this.
People love receiving special gifts, they love going on a special date, they love unusual birthday parties, etc. Long story short, all of us love this extra "special" when it comes to different events. After all, if you want to really impress someone, you have to think out-of-the-box. An escape room can give people what they want. It can make the evening more interesting and communication more open and natural. It can turn a birthday into an exciting adventure.
When throwing a party, a person can have their friends over for drinks at their place, but it isn't as interesting as asking them out to a VR escape room. Such a party will definitely make an unforgettable impression on guests. People will be looking for clues, solving puzzles and finding hidden messages for getting out of the locked room you have organised for them. Isn't it better than eating a birthday cake while playing charades at home?

Escape Room Franchise Cost

While dealing some business, the key point is money. Our team is fully aware of this, therefore we`ve done our best to make all products to be affordable for EVERY entrepreneur.The final cost of a franchise depends on the number of gaming zones you are taking into consideration. We assure that our prices are much lower than those of our competitors, while our quality is on the top.

Contact one of our managers to get some detailed information about prices. We are always open to calculate all your costs for your business development.



Ventilated indoor space;

Additional space for the lobby and staff;

Minimal space per zone: 7x7 ft.;

Number of zones: min 2, optimally 8;

Technical staff: 1 manager /shift;

1 PC per zone:

Virtual reality system: HTC Vive / HTC Vive Pro

Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 / GTX 1080Ti / RTX 2080 / RTX 2080Ti

Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5-4590 or better

Memory: 16 GB RAM, SSD 500GB

Power supply: 750W

Approximate cost: $ 3400


Escape room owners face multiple challenges. Virtual reality addresses the most common of them and empowers your business with break-new features.

A volatile market is hard to research.

ARVI meets this challenge. We inspect the feedbacks from all our users and, as a result, present well-designed rooms of good quality. High-end intellectual property rights allow the ability to create story games on the basis of famous universes and storylines.

A new game release is risky and takes a lot of time to launch.

The launch of a new VR location takes no more than 1 working week. Even though you may choose a less than optimal location, it isn`t so risky as VR equipment can be easily relocated.

Difficult to come up with room themes.

You can find any desirable genre in our library. VR rooms are constantly updated and will definitely fit every taste.

Difficult to find balance between detalization and game-flow quality.

Game creation brings out our best efforts. Thus, we don`t have to cut corners between quality, detalization, gameplay, and graphics. You always receive high-quality content.

It is tough to find employees with relevant experience (amusement industry i.e.).

The system has a built-in tutorial and doesn't require the constant interaction of staff.

Equipment and rooms wear out and need constant refurbishment and replacement.

VR equipment is very reliable and is easy to replace. You only have to renew once in 1½ - 2 years. The amount of expendable materials is considerably smaller.

The sales process is hard and demanding. Marketing is time-consuming.

Customers desire to explore brand new content from the abundant library will bring you more profit.

It is difficult to get loyal customers because of the lack of flexibility and high competition.

The variety of VR Escape Rooms allows every customer to try as many rooms as they wish. This makes your business flexible and commercially viable.

Customers cannot solve the game during the dedicated game session.

Our software manages the gameflow and run-through process. If a team gets stuck on a puzzle, it simplifies the riddles and provides useful hints.

People come prepared, knowing how to solve the room.

Our Escape Rooms are designed to expect expert customers, and default to a hard-level mode to challenge professionals.

Players are afraid of getting locked.

Stay safe and sound in our VR Escape Room which is full of freedom not only in VR world but in the real one. Players are not locked in the room and can easily take off the headset and walk out in case of emergency.

People with special needs can`t test your escape rooms.

A player is not limited in VR environment. You can jump, swim, fly or climb sitting at one place in the real world or having one controller to function.


I have a basement space. Will it work?

Yes. Any dry, well-ventilated open space will do. Windows are not necessary: even a basement room is suitable. The minimal ceiling height is 8 feet. There are no special design or installation requirements.

Where do I get the necessary equipment?

You may buy equipment directly from the manufacturer, Vive Computers should correspond to the above-listed specifications.

How do I set up?

Instructions for setting up the equipment can be found at the official Vive website. As an option, any local IT service company can help you out.

Are your games safe?

Our games are absolutely safe and do not cause VR motion sickness. We use SteamVR 2.0 technology which is currently the best solution in terms of the quality of HMD and controllers tracking.

Can people who suffer from epileptic seizure still play in VR?

We strongly recommend that customers with certain neurological distortions consult their physicians prior to engaging in VR sessions. Your full disclosure to your prospective customers on this matter is highly advised.

How many people can play simultaneously?

Team size can vary from 2 to 6 people. However, we recommend placing 8 VR zones so that different line-ups can play various VR escape rooms simultaneously. This will help to maximize the workload of the location.

How long is the gaming session?

One game session takes 60 minutes. This includes a 15-minute tutorial followed by a 45-minute game.

How often will the library content be updated?

We launch the Library with 2 pieces of content (check our Escape Rooms section). ARVI will enlarge the Library with a new piece of content every 2-3 months.

Can I try a new VR room before choosing?

Yes, you can. There is a free training mode.

How do I teach VR-newbies?

The system has a built-in interactive tutorial, but experienced players can skip it and wait for their friends at the meetup point.

Do you provide support?

Of course. We provide 24/7 technical support for all our products.

How do I pay you?

A royalty payment to ARVI is calculated based on the number of games, played at your location, and your tariff scale. In the admin panel, you can cancel the fee (in case of refund) or change the standard price. At the end of the month, we send you an invoice which you can pay by a credit/debit card or wire transfer.